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Contacting Julian:

There is not a mailing address for Julian. You can contact Jules through his Official website

Fan clubs:

Jules Rules is run by CJ Burianek and Laura Dever. To become a member of Jules Rules write to:

Jules Rules, PO Box 600 704, Dallas, Texas, 733-0704, USA


There are quite a few good biographies on the net. One of the best is at Hey Jules, a brilliant website by my good friend CJ.


As with the biography, Hey Jules contains a very comprehensive discography. I've rounded up some of the main records that Julian has produced for you here:


Atlantic Records 7-80184 1984 Charisma Records, Ltd.

Valotte-O.K For You-On The Phone-Space-Well I Don't Know- Too Late For Goddbyes-Lonely-Say Youre Wrong-Jesse-Let Me Be

The Secret Value Of Day Dreaming

Atlantic Records 7 81640-4-E 1986 Charisma Records, Ltd.

Stick Around-You Get What You Want-Let Me Tell You-I've Seen Your Face-Coward Till The End-This Is My Day-You Don't Have To Tell Me-Everyday-Always Think Twice-Want Your Body

Mr Jordan

781928-2 1989 Atlantic Records Corperation

Now You're In Heaven-You're The One-I Get Up-Mother Mary-Angillette-Open Your Eyes-Make It Up To You-Sunday Morning-Second Time-I Want You To Know

Help Yourself

1991 Atlantic Records Corpeation HY 82280-2

Rebal King-Saltwater-Get A Life-Would You-Maybe I Was Wrong-Help Yourself-Listen-Other Side Of Town-New Physics Rant-Take Me Home-Imaginary Lines-Keep The People Working

Photograph Smile

Music From Another Room MF AR44CD 1998 4tune Music Lid.

Day After Day-Cold-I Should Have Known-How Many Times-I Don't Wanna Know-Crucified-Walls-Believe-Good To Be Lonely-Kiss Beyond The Catcher-And She Cries-Photograph Smile-Faithful-Way To Your Heart