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John and Julian

The relationship that never really happened

Picture taken from the book 'Imagine John Lennon'

As you may already know Julian is the son of the famous rock star John Lennon. Julian was the first of two sons, but of course Julian was born to John's first wife Cynthia. Julian was born at the height of beatlemania which meant that his father did not have much time to spend wiht him. John was not present at Julians birth.

As the marrige between John and Cynthia began to slowly break down the connection between Julian and John became more apart.

It became apparent that John had other interests in another women (Yoko Ono). After the divorce from Cynthia in the late 60's, John became attached to Yoko (literally!).

Julians first with Yoko was strange. Yoko was dressed in black, had a black floppy hat and long black hair. In recent interviews Julian has said that she looked like a witch and sacred the life out of him!

The relationship between father and son became even more apart when brother Sean was born.

After, Julian only saw his father about 10 times over a period of 11 or so years.

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