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As you may already know Julian has been promoting his new album 'Photograph Smile' in the UK and has appeared on many British television programmes.

His first appearance was on TFI Fridays in May. I had never really paid much attention to Julian until then. I knew he was John Lennon's son but I had never really thought of him as a good musician. Julian did a wonderful performance of Day After Day and showed me how brilliant he really was (plus his rather stunning good looks
J) . Julian did a slightly shorter version of the song but he had the helping hand of a orchestra in the background which gave a wonderful feel to a already fantastic song.

The O zone: This was a short interview with Julian and Sean (both were not in the same room. Shame!). I caught this one by chance. I had only just switched on the TV and there was a trailer of what was up next…Julian being one of them.
The interview was mainly about the relationship between Sean and Julian but also went into their own music. Julian talked about his most influential music that his father did (Sgt Peppers for example) and then went on to talk about his album saying that it was his best album yet.

This Morning: This was a rather odd interview. Julian came on late (there were several trailers for his interview each saying later and later times). I think there was a problem with playing his video of Day After Day. The TV company had run out of money and could not afford to play much of his video. The interview concentrated on his father and Julian's relationship with him. Julian had to correct the interviewers on several occasions and they had to ask him what his album was called. Not the best of interviews. Better luck next time

Lunch In The Sun: This was much better. Julian performed his single 'I Don't Wanna Know' and then cooked up one of his own recipes 'Steak Diane' (with the help of Amanda the chef
J). The steak looked wonderful. It was cooked in a white wine, chopped mushroom and onion, mustard, mixed herbs and cream sauce. Julian seemed quite relaxed with the two women with him and joked quite often. I think this is the best programme yet!!

Exclusive: Yet another good interview. This concentrated mostly on Julian and his single 'I Don't Wanna Know'. This time the interviewers had done some homework. Julian said that he had proved his own worth as a song writer with his new album and that he was fed up of being used and treated like a puppet which made him decide to start a new indie record label called Music From Another Room. Julian said that it made sure he could control everything and see what was happening instead of not knowing. Good on ya Jules!!

Not The Jack Dockerty Show: This was the last of the TV performances and probably the best . The audience gave Julian and wonderful welcome. Julian seemed a bit shy at first but soon got into the flow. The interview was mostly the same as the exclusive one. Julian seemed pretty embarrassed when Lesley Phillips( one of the guests) held up Julian's hand to the audience who were cheering and screaming (I don't think Julian was expecting such a cheery audience…but we know he deserves it!
J) .
Julian finished off with a performance of 'I Don't Wanna Know' also making kissing gestures at the camera. Keep up the good work Jules!!!!!!

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