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Photograph Smile

Photograph Smile is the brilliant new album from Julian. It contains 14 brilliant songs all fantastic in every way. If you would like to hear Photograph Smile go to the Offical site!

The Songs!!

  • Day After Day

  • Cold

  • I Should Have known

  • How Many Times

  • I Don't Wanna Know

  • Crucified

  • Walls

  • Believe

  • Good To Be Lonely

  • Kiss Beyond The Catcher

  • And She Cries

  • Photograph Smile

  • Faithful

  • Way To Your Heart

  • The album is dedicated to Julian's 'Step'-Father Roberto Bassanini in loving memory.

    Photograph Smile is the best Julian album so far. It really shows Julian's talent's as a musician and songwriter. There is not one song on the album that I can't like, they are all excellent. If you would like to contribute a review of the album do not hesitate to contact me!

    More information about Photograph Smile to come....

    Julian's albums so far: Valotte, Mr Jordan, Help Yourself, The Secret Value Of Daydreaming, Mr Hollands Opus, Walls and Bridges (John Lennon album) and Toy Matinee by Toy Matinee.

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