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Julian Lennon Day

April 8th 2000
Welcome to the Julian Lennon Day site

Julian Lennon Day 2000 is coming soon!!!!!

This site contains information on Julian Lennon Day. A Celebration of Julian's musical talents and not forgetting his birthday!


The Julian Lennon Day caption competition is now closed!

Julian Lennon Day 2000 went reallywell! The competition is now closed I'm afraid, we had a lot of good entries so it will be hard to choose the winner! Come back soon to find out the winners and also to see what will be happening next year - will there be a Julian Lennon Day 2001?


Last year's Julian Lennon Day competition winner was Hiromi Goto from Japan. Well done Hiromi! The prize's are on their way!CLICK HERE to see a selection of the best competition entries!

I must say the standard of all the entries were excellent!


Julian Lennon Day was a great success! We were pleased to receive lot's of competition entries and loads of people left birthday messages for Julian! I think Jules day has had the official seal of approval from Julian.....all those on the official mailing list will have seen the message from Julian.......great stuff!!!


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Lennon and proud of it!