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Here are selection of links to some of the best Julian websites on the net.

Official websties: - Julian's official website. Rather heavy on graphics but very impressive all the same!

Julian's record company:

Music From Another Room


Hey Jules - THE BEST Julian website on the net. Very indepth, great design, up-to-date news and tones of other stuff. A must see for any Jules fan!

Day After Day - Original fansite, includes pictures, poetry, news and has Yahoo club.

Revolutions - Sadly this website is no longer updated. Worth a visit as it has some good background info on Jules.

More to come in the fan sites section..












Hey Jules/Jules Rules Yahoo Club - The biggest Julian Yahoo club. There's a chat every Wednesday @ 10pm EST.

Fanspeak - mailing group from the official website.

More groups to come.

Other sites:

Ultimate Band List